Transmediation Of The Illustrated Children’s Book «Goodnight Moon»

The book “Goodnight Moon”, written by Margaret Wise Brown and first published in 1947 in the United States of America, aims to help children fall asleep. We present a web application whose goal is to explore the existing narratives in the book. A key goal of the application is to create a comfortable sound environment, as well as to motivate children to fall asleep through audiovisual stimuli.


This project establishes a connection between digital transmediation and children’s bedtime literature, seeking to explore little tested areas, as well as to solve and answer questions raised that tend to be obstacles.


The developed application can be enjoyed in three ways: the first option tells the story with the use of a narrator in voice-over, the second presents the text on the screen so that the accompanying adult can read the story and, finally, there is a sound option which allows the child to interact only with the sounds of the story, allowing them to fall asleep with a cosy auditory environment.


We conducted user testing and the results demonstrate the effectiveness of the application as a means of relaxation and preparation for falling asleep, while interacting with the story “Goodnight Moon”.


Through the web application, we intended to cross visual and sound languages, in order to provide the target audience with a different experience from that of reading a classic children’s book in physical format. This application can arouse interest in the editorial market, since it establishes a positive relationship between literature classics, such as “Goodnight Moon”, and digital devices in continuous growth, increasingly used by children. In addition, it can also become interesting for people in the area of relaxation through technology, since it intends to provide a moment where the child uses an application as a way to motivate their rest.


The paper was accepted in the 11th EAI International Conference: ArtsIT, Interactivity & Game Creation and will be made available soon.


Joana Rovira

Ana Boavida

Pedro Martins