“Primeiras páginas de jornais online” receives Arquivo.pt 2021 Award

The project “Primeiras páginas de jornais online portugueses: uma análise gráfica interativa” took third place in Arquivo.pt 2021 Award and also received the Honourable mention by Jornal Público. The project was developed by Susana Parreira, under the supervision of Ana Sabino, Ana Boavida and Penousal Machado.


The project has the goal of assessing the graphic and technological evolution in online Portuguese newspapers. With this goal in mind, an historical analysis of front pages of three online newspapers was conducted, using the archive from Arquivo.pt – a platform which collects and preserves Portuguese webpages. Information visualisation was used to make the collected data easier to be perceived, which resulted in an interactive website that can be accessed at https://primeiraspaginas.susanaparreira.pt/.

A video about the project is available here.


Susana Parreira

Ana Sabino

Ana Boavida

Penousal Machado