MetaPrompter – Evolving Prompts

The dissemination of open-source text-to-image generative models and the increasing quality of their output has led to a growth in interest in the field. The quality of the images greatly depends on the prompt used, i.e. a phrase that includes descriptive terms to be used as input on text-to-image model. However, choosing the right prompt is a complex task, often relying on a trial-and-error approach.


In this project, we introduce an evolutionary approach to prompt generation where users begin by creating a blueprint for what might be a candidate prompt and then initiate an evolutionary process to interactively explore the space of prompts encoded by the initial blueprint and according to their preferences. Our work is a step towards a more dynamic and interactive way to generate prompts that lead to a wide variety of visual outputs, with which users can easily obtain prompts that match their goals.


Figure 1

Prompts evolved using the developed system. The images in each column are generated from different seeds using the same prompt (shown at the bottom). All prompts are produced from the same meta prompt.


You can find the Google Colab notebook at:



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