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7/7/2020 to 20/7/2020

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Generative AI


Generative Artificial Intelligence techniques have deserved attention in the fields of Art and Design. These techniques take advantage of the capabilities of AI systems to produce results that can be seen as artistically relevant and even creative. This scholarship will address this topic with the goal of developing applications in computational art, computational design and computer aided-design.


Figure 1

An example of a creative system in Flag generation


Figure 2

Examples of generated faces


AI and Physical Computing


The goal is to explore the use of artificial intelligence techniques (e.g. computational witchcraft) and physical computing tools (e.g. Arduino, LEDs and sensors) to create new custom artefacts that interact and adapt to their surroundings (e.g. a neat sci-fi interactive crystal ball that shows you the present with LEDs). Didn’t get it? Confused? Check this out: https://vimeo.com/420872718


Figure 3

Process of developing materials for the Portraits of No One installation