FRIENDFISH: User-friendly tools for the management and conservation of economically relevant fish species in the North of Portugal

This proposal aims at developing user-friendly tools for the management and conservation of economic and culturally relevant fish species (eel, lamprey and Allis shad) in the North of Portugal, which will validate the eco-labelling of the target species.


These cost-effective tools, with a powerful graphical interface, will effectively respond to decision-makers needs in terms of sustainable fish catches versus fishery revenues. At the same time, being predictive tools powered by mathematical models, they will allow foreseeing variations on fish populations under the effect of multiple stressors, namely, habitat loss, invasive species, climatic change and extreme weather events.


Consequently, these are instruments essential to the sustainable fishery and conservation of the target fish species and, thus, paramount to the application of ecolabels to eel, lamprey and Allis shad captured in Minho River. This will prompt local gastronomic tourism and, as a result, support local economy.



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