Evolutionary Poster Composer at xCoAx 2018

Evolutionary Poster Composer was being featured in the art and design exhibition of 6th Conference on Computation, Communication, Aesthetics & X (xCoAx 2016) held in Centro Arte Complutense (c arte c) of Museo del Traje (Madrid, Spain) on July 11–13 2018.

Figure 1

Evolutionary Poster Composer at the xCoAx 2018 exhibition, c arte c, 2018/7/13

In the exhibition was possible to see the system working and several posters generated using this approach. The poster’s content was retrieved and/or inspired in the posters displayed during the events of May 1968 (France) and Coimbra Academic Crisis of 1969 (Portugal).

Based on the Victorian poster production method, we developed an evolutionary system that generates typographical posters. Outcomes are evaluated in a semi-autonomous way, allowing the user to guide the process according to his/her preferences. In this artwork, we present example outcomes of the system and its generating process using a typographic superfamily. [source]

Figure 2

Evolutionary Poster Composer at the exhibition (detail). c arte c, 2018/7/13

Figure 3

Computer showing Evolutionary Poster Composer working. c arte c, 2018/7/13

Video of the Evolutionary Poster composer system running to generate the poster “Usines, Universités, Union.” Poster’s content taken from a vernacular poster designed in Atelier Populaire (1968). You can find more examples of the system running here


You may find more information about the exhibition at xCoAx webpage.
(full paper here)

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