Electric Design

On 23 July 2019, the Computational Design and Visualization laboratory’s researchers Sérgio Rebelo and Tiago Martins lectured the workshop Electric Design at Design and Multimedia’s Summer School 2019 of University of Coimbra.


Electric Design @UV DM 2019
Figure 1

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In this workshop, the students were introduced to the basic concepts of algorithmic design and interactive electronics while they designed a series of reactive posters. The posters were designed using a specific Processing’s library created for this workshop. After, the students changed the visual features of posters’ elements using data from the physical environment. These data were gathered using an Arduino microcontroller connected to a potentiometer, a photoresistor and a button.





Moving Poster design displaying how the environmental data affect the poster design.

Figure 2


Figure 3

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Posters designed by student during the workshop.

Figure 4


Figure 5

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Figure 6

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