Designing Poster with/for the Street

Designing Poster with/for the Street (in Portuguese: Desenhar Cartazes com/para o Caminho) is an interactive installation that uses an Environmental Adaptive Poster Composer system to generate posters using the state of the surroundings of a specific site. This installation was placed in four shops of Coimbra Historical Centre, during four weeks (11 March – 2 April 2019). The placement of this installation was aligned with the event Caminhos: 21st Cultural Week of the University of Coimbra.


enviromental adaptative poster composer example outputs
Figure 1

Figure 1

Example outputs of the Adaptative Poster Computer Approach generated during its installation in Coimbra Historical Centre during the 21st Cultural Week of University of Coimbra


The installation gathers data from the surrounding environment (e.g. air temperature, current people near the installation, passers-by flux, level of light in the environment, etc.) and translates them in posters designs. In this process, direct and indirect environmental reading techniques (such as Context-Aware Data and Computer Vision) are employed to read the environment and assess the outputs generated. Also, these systems learn, over time, how to generate outputs optimised to the environment where it is placed. They achieve this analysing its previous designs and the interaction which they triggered in people in the environment. Further information about the installation approach may be found here and in the following video (in Portuguese).


Figure 2



Video 1

Example outputs designed by the system over its installation in the Coimbra Historical Centre

Figure 3


In 21st Cultural Week of the University of Coimbra, the installation was placed in four shops of Coimbra Historic Centre. This placement enabled us to experiment with multiple kinds of environmental inputs and people fluxes and, at the same time, promote traditional business in unknow are of Coimbra Historical Centre. The shops that received the installation were the following (1) Estúdio Diorama, Rua dos Esteireiros, 16 (40.208371, -8.429684), (2) Jorge Mendes, Irmão & Ca, Lda., Praça do Comércio, 97–99–101–103 (40.208439, -8.429342); (3) Chronos’ Paper, Rua Adelino Veiga, 521 (40.209213, -8.430792) and (4) ELLAYNE, Largo do Poço, 1 (40.210485, -8.430101). Figure 2 displays its location on Coimbra Historic Centre. Furthermore, we selected the shops with the aim of creating an alternative way of visiting the Coimbra Historic Centre. During this event, the installation was recorded 12722 passers-by during the four weeks (an average of 490 people by day and 3430.5 by week).


Figure 4

Figure 2

Shops locations on Coimbra Historic Centre.


Figure 5

Figure 3

Installation placed at Chronos’ Paper (Rua Adelino Veiga, 521)


Figure 6

Figure 4

Installation placed at the different shops’ windows of Coimbra Historic Centre.



The installation hardware was partially funded by Caminhos: 21st Cultural Week of University of Coimbra (2018). The project was the production support of Catarina Pires and Beatriz Correia. We would also like to express our gratitude to the store owners that permit we placed the installation in their stores (Estúdio e Laboratorio Diorama, Jorge Mendes, Irmão & C.ª, Lda., Chronos’ Paper, and ELLAYNE).



On News

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