CDV lab researchers present the installation Casa das Máquinas (en: Machines room) in the Mostra de Artes da Palavra (MAP) at Palácio Ribamar (Oeiras, Portugal) from the 10th to the 13th of June of 2021.


Casa das Máquinas is a confrontation between two mechanical entities — Máquina de Ouver and Máquina Canora —, in a pulsating audiovisual dialogue that explores the poetic language of Mário de Sá-Carneiro, especially the works Epígrafe, Anto and Fim, which serve as feedstock to generate the audiovisual content.


The two machines appropriate and audiovisually explore the work of Sá-Carneiro by taking into consideration different dimensions of the works. Máquina de Ouver presents audiovisual compositions reflecting an extensive analysis of the recitation of the poems through the plasticity of the human voice. Máquina Canora, in turn, recognises the emotional universe of each poem and creates audiovisual compositions that sonically and visually translate those emotions.


Casa das Máquinas presents, therefore, a continuous antithetical dialogue between the two machines, revealing their unique reactions to the poetic input and redefining the imaginary of the poetic of Sá-Carneiro under a mechanic-generative eye.


You may read more about the MAP and the installation here.


Máquina de Ouver

The Máquina de Ouver is a generative system that analyses the sonic composition of human speech and creates visual representations of its expressivity. This system explores a set of visual and typesetting variables for translating the speech features of the declamation. The project has been developed by João Couceiro e Castro under the supervision of Penousal Machado, Ana Boavida and Pedro Martins. In Casa das Máquinas, the poetry of Mário de Sá-Carneiro is recited by Paula Couceiro.


Figure 1

Screenshot of a static artifact generated by Máquina de Ouver.



Máquina de Ouver


Máquina Canora

Máquina Canora is an audiovisual installation that unveils the emotional dimension of poetic texts to generate audiovisual compositions. The resulting musical compositions are developed using the ESSYS system, melodically and harmonically travelling between immersive and mysterious tones. This auditory dimension remains in a parallel dialogue with the typographic visuals that display the most influential words, with each word establishing an unexpected relationship between each emotion and the machine. The project has been developed by Mariana Seiça, Sérgio M. Rebelo, Pedro Martins and Penousal Machado.


Figure 2

Screenshot of composition generated by Máquina de Ouver



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