Abstract Ocean Waves

This work explores the relationship between the sea as a symbol of Portuguese culture and mathematics. The work was developed from the movement of water particles and consists of several images and animations that illustrate the multiplicity of forms obtained through this process.
Typically, the models for ocean waves are explored computationally in order to replicate natural phenomena. Instead of exploring realism, this work focuses on aesthetic derivation of a classical model to simulate ocean waves. By varying parameters such as wavelength, the phase velocity, the wind and the number of particles in each wave, which produced multiple families of artifacts. Although each has a unique identity, each family of devices emerge with their own identity, reflecting a wide variety of abstract forms.

Figure 1

Abstract Ocean Waves from Lígia Duro on Vimeo


In Proceedings

  • L. Duro, P. Cruz, and P. Machado, “Abstract Ocean Waves,” in International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, SIGGRAPH 2011, Vancouver, Canada, August 7-11, 2011, Poster Proceedings, Vancouver, Canada, 2011.