Sound Shape

Sound Shape is an autonomous computational creative tool to support the design of music albums. This system automatically designs album music covers through a data-driven approach, which creates visuals that represent the sound features of the various tracks that compose the album itself. The system is developed using web technologies and uses the Spotify API to gather the information, classification, and audio features of the tracks of the selected album. The generated visuals are created by the employment of a set of rule-based approaches informed based on the album and track analysis. After the generation, users can fine-tune and/or modify the generated covers in a bespoke interface. We experiment with the present approach to evaluate both the usability of the tool and the visual quality of the generated visuals. The evaluation sessions unveiled that the system can automatically generate visually appealing album covers and presents itself as a tool that can assist the creative process of creating an album cover, especially in the more initial and exploratory phases of design projects. This system is available at



Figure 1

Current version of the search menu.


Figure 2

Examples of music album covers generated and fine-tuned using the present tool.


Figure 3

Music album covers generated applied to mockups.



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A Forma do Som: Experiências na Geração Algorítmica de Capas de Álbuns de Música (Design and Multimedia MSc dissertation)
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