José Maria Simões

José Maria Simões holds a Master's Degree in Intelligent Systems and a Bachelor's Degree in Design and Multimedia at the University of Coimbra. Currently, he is a PhD student in the Information Science and Technology program at the same university.

After studying Long-Short-Term memory networks applied to artificial music composition, he's now focused on the exploration of Sexual Selection techniques in Evolutionary Computation.

ORCID: 0000-0002-6916-3217
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Related projects


Deep Learning For Expressive Music Generation

In Proceedings

  • J. M. Simões, P. Machado, and A. C. Rodrigues, “Deep Learning for Expressive Music Generation,” in ARTECH 2019: 9th International Conference on Digital and Interactive Arts, Braga, Portugal, October 23-25, 2019, 2019, p. 14:1–14:9.

Master’s Theses

  • J. M. C. da Simões, “Deep Learning for Dynamic Music Generation,” Master Thesis, 2019.